Welcome to the new unique organic shop and bistro - BIOAID

You will find a selection of quality natural and organic food, eco-drugstore and everything related to a healthy lifestyle. Our suppliers are present at the Czech market for a long time with a known good reputation. Hence, we have been consuming and using their products in our daily lives for many years. Whether you have been inclining towards organic explorations for a long time and you are interested in buying top products under one roof, or you are just starting the discovery route focusing on quality food, we are able to help you out and provide professional advice.

We are open since 7th December 2020

Come to shop with us, bet on a great coffee or something small & healthy to eat or drink, or just come to see us and gain inspiration and learn something new. We look forward to see you.

Health is a choice

Choosing healthy food full of nutritional ingredients from quality (ideally organic) sources with lowest possible content of pathogens and toxic substances – in the form of unnecessary chemicals, preservatives, etc. – is, in our opinion, the best investment in a healthy, sustainable, fulfilling and active lifestyle. It is a perpetual path to good health without drugs and chemical supplements – which do not solve anything – they rather suppress and/or mask real problems.

Why was BIOAID founded

The intention to start organic shop BIOAID was born based on own life experience with the need to apply a special diet for the autistic child of the shop's founders.

What does it bring

We believe that according to the latest scientific findings, healthy nutrition is a way to build and strengthen self-immunity and solve most current chronic diseases (ADD, ADHD, allergies, asthma, skin diseases, intestinal problems, depression, dyslexia, schizophrenia, autism).

Our vision is BIOAID

And what does BIOAID exactly mean?

BIO aims to be here for everyone who is interested in healthy life style. Every day we face choices of what is easy to do or what is right to do. We are here for everyone who needs to advise or facilitate this decision. We offer the opportunity to buy proven products under one roof and consult with friendly and qualified staff.

AID is here to help find answers and to provide the return to normal life for individuals and families suffering with diverse range of diagnoses (such as autism, allergies, ADHD etc.) – therapy with food.

Why Organic?

We opted for Organic Certified Food for many reasons. Some of the strictest controlling processes are applied in organic farming to avoid the use of toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals and preservatives, which are unfortunately commonly used in conventional large mass agriculture. Organic farming not only takes from the land, but also gives back. Farmers take better care of their fields in more natural way, which we can immediately notice not only at first glance, but above all in our health – at the end of the chain. In the conventional animal production, the situation is even worse than in agriculture. Animals often live in terrible conditions, which affects their health and stress, and also affects the quality of meat, milk, eggs, etc.

In organic animal production (increasingly even at the small, proven farms without organic certification), animals are treated with greater respect and respect for their natural life.
The production of organic-certified products also avoids the use of unnecessary preservatives, stabilizers: so-called ‘E additives’ and other additives commonly seen in conventional processed products. Long-term consumption of these additives leads to various dysfunctions and diseases. Food from organic farming also almost always has a higher nutritional value, so there is a noticeable trend that the more nutritious the food is, the less of it our body needs.
So, quality here again wins over quantity.

It is not only the food, that can be organic – but also drugstores, cosmetics, clothing. These and other categories also minimize the impact on the environment and our overall health.

What is our Micro Biome?

The micro biome (gut micro biome) is an ecosystem of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms in every person’s body. These are thousands of different strains of bacteria that live in symbiosis with each other and control each other in order to achieve a balanced state and allow the body to build the building blocks needed for life. Our intestinal micro biome runs through the entire digestive tract from the mouth to the rectum. The micro biome affects our digestion, metabolism, vitamin production, immunity as well as our mental and cognitive fitness – such as the production of Serotonin (happiness hormone), Melatonin (sleep hormone), Dopamine (motivational hormone) or Epinephrine (adrenaline production).

What is aging?

According to the latest scientific studies, the qualitative composition and diversity of micro biome is the same in healthy people aged over one hundred years as well as healthy people in their thirties.

Equal composition and diversity

In short, our bacteria interact with the intestinal wall, and the rate of aging is practically the result of a disbalanced micro biome through perforation of the intestinal wall and consequently overloading our immune system. With a balanced quality diet and lifestyle, we can significantly slow down our aging. It is proven that our micro biome and its quality directly affects our daily actions and the quality of our lives. Our micro biome is our second brain. Organic daily diet will make our micro biome happy; it will then make our brain happy and hence it will make good and positive everyday decisions for an excellent full life.

This choice is within the abilities of every individual.

Where is our store located?


BIOAID s.r.o.
Ondříčkova 20,
130 00  Praha 3
IČ: 09253858
tel.: +420 725 345 390
e-mail: obchod@bioaid.cz

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: 9 am – 8 pm
Saturday: 12 am – 7 pm
Sunday: closed

How to get to us

  • By metro A, exit - Jiřího z Poděbrad square
  • By tram, via Vinohradská street or Olšanské square
  • By car – parking, paid by parking meter in Ondříčkova Street (in front of the store)
Ondříčkova 20, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic